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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Truth About Penis Size, Vaginal Tightening and Great Sex

Penis size and vaginal tightening have an odd relationship. Whether it is a woman’s first time or the hundredth time, penis size and vaginal tightness play an important role. Read on to find out how penis size and vaginal tightness are related to each other.

Women with tight vagina

When a woman has sex for the first time, her vagina is unusually tight. The vagina normally loosens up after 2 or 3 sexual encounters. After regular sex for some time, women normally do not feel the same tightness and grip and this is when the importance of penis size and vaginal tightness is felt.

Most women prefer bigger girth of the penis than its length because the wide base of penis helps stimulate the sensitive genital tissues of their clitoris, which is considered as the hot bed of sexual pleasure in a woman. In addition to stimulating the clitoris, the wide penis also stimulates urethra, urethral and perineal sponges.
Some women may desire longer penis size because it gives them a feeling of fullness when it penetrates deep into their vagina. Even if their vagina has become loose, a longer penis gives them a sensation of having something large that fills their vagina. As a result, they feel more satisfied with a sexual intercourse.

Vaginal tightening exercises

If your partner has inadequately small or average sized penis, don’t worry as you can still have a satisfying sexual intercourse by making your vagina tight with the help of vaginal tightening devices. Irrespective of the size of penis, you will feel great sensations because of the tightened vagina.

Normally, vaginal muscles of women become ‘loose’ after the birth of a child. However, some devices and gels can make the vagina tight again. With their use, one can get the feeling of having an intimidating first sexual intercourse every time.

Some women may argue that penis size doesn’t matter. However, a bigger penis size is considered masculine and attracts the attention of the majority of women. In general, the opinion of women about penis size may vary and largely depends on her present situation or the sexual activity she prefers.

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